Fireplace Repair & Cleaning

    With the comprehensive fireplace service we will always strive to give the the perfect centerpiece to your home. We work with quality stone, granite, brick, and cobblestone to create a one of kind fireplace. With the ingenuity and structural design Chris Chimney Repair incorporates beautiful massive mantle stones which tie perfectly into the fireplace. Chris Chimney Repair will also ensure the cleanest airflow with duct cleaning, fireplace relining, and creosote removal. Service include:

-Fireplace Relining

​Our liner is either steel formed tubes or

5/8" thick terracotta tile that helps direct 

heat and smoke out the chimney.

-Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber sits just behind the 

mantle and it prevents down drafts 

coming back into the firebox or home. 

When repairing this part of the chimney it needs to be constructed with a super cement to provide a smooth transition into the flue.

-Smoke Shelf

This sits directly under the smoke chamber and is essentially the throat of your fireplace. If this gets back up then smoke, cinders, and heat are redirected back into the house. This chimney repair service is one of the most crucial, so do not neglect to get it inspected!


This is the regulator of air flow for your chimney smoke/ heat. If this becomes back up exterior air flow will leak into the house along with smoke. 

-Fire Brick

Make sure you have the proper firebrick that is up to code installed on the back side of your fireplace. If it is not up to code it will begin to break apart and look terrible. We will always have the proper supplies that meet the standard code for every chimney repair service!

-Ash Pit/Dump

Finally we will want to make sure there is a proper space for all the excess ash to settle, as well as make sure the ash pit/dump are cleaned and up to code.

Please Call or Email to set up an estimate, and our team will be on site with in the next 24-48 hours.