Leaks, mold, and morphing can all be a pain. But with Chris' Chimney Repair Service we will ensure a quality diagnosis of your chimney structure, and roofing assembly. With that we will be able to determine the exact location of the leak. The leak will be assessed and the integrity of the roofing will be replaced with flashing, sheathing, shingling, and any other brick work needed.


- Head, Step, Base Flashing

Here we will install the proper scaffolding 

needed to inspect any leaks of the 

chimney design. The flashing is sheet 

metal that sits on top of shingles. The 

flashing is crucial in our chimney waterproofing service, and is a recommended inspection. 

- Storm Collar

This is a metal band around the pipe that prevents water from entering between the pipe and flashing.

-Radiation Shield

This a important chimney component that prevents insulation from being blown against the pipe and ensures proper heat flow.

-Chimney Joint Repair

This service is a thorough inspection of the chimneys' brick joints. We look for any cracks or holes and repair them to eliminate and leaks or water damage. 

​​Please Call or Email to set up an estimate, and our team will be on site with in the next 24-48 hours.